What real estate brokerage costs should be.

We broker with love, integrity and a flat fee. We are a full-service real estate and mortgage brokerage for qualified, motivated buyers & sellers with representation by Fred Glick, an experienced multi-state licensed broker.


As a person with the full intention of buying or selling a property, we believe you should have transparent, full service representation and only pay a flat fee.

We charge a flat fee for everyone, buyers-$7500 and sellers-$15,000 all in! After all, the tasks remain the same for brokerages regardless of the home price.  

Buyers Rebates

We give you full representation and rebate you everything over our flat fee of $7500!

Commissions Calculator

Use our Fees & Commissions Calculator to estimate your total fees, commissions and other costs with a "normal" real estate brokerage. Play with the calculator and see how much you can save with Arrivva.

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$ $%
Rebated to you: No Rebate


$ $
Rebated to you:
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Veteran real estate professional Fred Glick has created the most transparent model in the industry, and smart technology to unrivaled the experience for our clients.

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