Skilled negotiator, ardent observer, contract nerd and rebates over a fixed fee.

Your real estate journey just got smoother. Simply put,we expedite your process from beginning to end in a real estate transaction.

 First, we help you find just the right house, whether it’s listed or off market. Then, we represent you and only you (remember, we don’t do real estate 3-somes- no dual agency). We’ll brief you throughout the entire purchase process, ensuring you are completely buying ready.

By the time you make an offer, you will be fully mortgage pre-approved through the Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriter® (DU®)/FreddieMac® LP® or your cash is verified. We’ll also help you craft a well-written love letter, and an offer strategy that maximizes your position. 


At the end of the day, you get all of the buyer-broker fee that the seller has offered, usually 2 to 3 % of the sale price, less our full-service flat fee of $8,750 is your rebate.

There are ways to use the rebate.  We can pay for closing costs, reduce the sale price to help you win competitive bids, reduce real estate taxes, repairs and improvements or just take the rebate in cash. 

The rebate is applied to the basis of the home, so you pay no federal income tax the year you receive the money. Of course, check with your tax nerd for details.

We’ll also concierge for you if you need help to set up movers, change utilities, meet workman (even 30 days after closing!) Plus, you’ll have one hour with a lawyer, accountant and a therapist, on us. And, if you’re into technology like we are, we’ll communicate through a private Slack channel with you.

Let's find your home!

Schedule a no-pressure call back with arrivva to learn more about how we can find your perfect home and save you money!  We don't do drip campaigns, we do do Slack® channels :)

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